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Wifey Of The Week: Amanda “Diva” Seales

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Amanda Diva is a female Rapper, Actress, Radio Personality, Television Personality, Poet, Painter and Im Sure There Are More Things I Left Off But I Know She Is Fine As Hell….If You Dont Know Who Diva Is By Now You Should Prob Question Your Existence In Life And Ron Browz Yourself *Shots Fired* P.S. Her Diva Speak TV Is A Work Of Genius…Amazing How Its Not On A Network Or Something!








amanda diva 2






Watch: Amanda Diva x Diva Speak TV Ep 50

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New Diva Speak Tv Episode By The Homie Amanda Diva, Still Not Understanding Why This Is Not On TV Somewhere They Are Putting All Kinds Of Trash On VH1, MTV, BET dah u get the Point. Diva Needs her own show On A Network NOW!!!

Watch: Amanda Diva x Diva Speak TV Ep 47, 48

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Again I’m late with another post but bare wit me folks here’s the homie Amanda Diva’s last 2 Diva Speak TV episodes. If you haven’t checked out her Diva Speak  TV yet then you are a C.B.A.N. (Corn Ball A** N***a) (c) by the Diva Herself. ps if you are NYC this Friday check her out @ Santos for a Live Performance

Watch: Amanda Diva x Diva Speak TV Ep 46

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Here you go ya’ll the Homie Amanda Diva’s latest Diva Speak TV. In this one she speaks about people who are not affected by the recession, Trick Daddy’s medical condition and her SXSW experience, peep vid below for some Hilarity.

Watch: Amanda Diva x Diva Speak TV Ep 45

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I’m about 5 days late with this one, but here is the homie Amanda Diva’s newest Diva Speak TV episode. Peep below and check out the vid, also if u havent crawled from under that rock your hiding under download her new EP Spandex, Rhymes, & Soul right here